optimization and performance parameters for

Multi objective optimization of performance parameters of

Multi objective optimization of performance parameters of a single cylinder diesel engine running with hydrogen using a Taguchi-fuzzy based approach Author: Bose Probir Kumar Deb Madhujit Banerjee Rahul Majumder Arindam Source: Energy 2013 v 63 pp 375-386 ISSN: 0360-5442 Subject:

Simulink Design Optimization

Optimization Performance Improvements Select parameter values that can be good initial conditions for your Parameter Estimation and Response Optimization app sessions directly from the Sensitivity Analysis app by visualizing the results of your sensitivity analysis

Neural Networks: parameters hyperparameters and

Jul 05 2019Indeed what I want to focus on is how to approach some characteristic elements of NNs whose initialization optimization and tuning can make your algorithm much more powerful Before starting let's see which elements I'm talking about: Parameters: these are the coefficients of the model and they are chosen by the model itself It

Theory of Parameter Control for Discrete Black

parameter values remains a very challenging problem|both with empirical and theoretical methods In fact determining optimal parameter values can be very complex already for a single parameter Many black-box optimization heuristics however rely on two or more parameters Rigorously analyzing the interdependency between these parameters is often

Performance tuning for file servers

Dec 12 2019Performance tuning for file servers 12/12/2019 6 minutes to read +2 In this article You should select the proper hardware to satisfy the expected file server load considering average load peak load capacity growth plans and response times Hardware bottlenecks limit the effectiveness of software tuning General tuning parameters for

Write safe and efficient C# code

First the compiler enforces your intent That member can't mutate the struct's state Second the compiler won't create defensive copies of in parameters when accessing a readonly member The compiler can make this optimization safely because it guarantees that the struct is

GSM Radio Frequency optimization

GSM radio frequency optimization (GSM RF optimisation) is the optimization of GSM radio frequencies GSM network consist of different cells and each cell transmit signals to and receive signals from the mobile station for proper working of base station many parameters are defined before functioning the base station such as the coverage area of a cell depends on different factors including

A Clear Path to Automated Optimization of Application

Jul 16 2020To optimize an application to the best performance you need to determine the values of its internal parameters These parameters include resource allocation such as pod CPU and memory number of replicas and internal parameters such as JVM heap size and others

Hyperparameter Optimization in Machine Learning

Think of the function parameters that you use while programming in general You may pass a parameter to a function In this case a parameter is a function argument that could have one of a range of values In machine learning the specific model you are using is the function and requires parameters in order to make a prediction on new data

Performance Optimization of Microvalves Based on a

A microfluidic chip with a microvalve based on a microhole array is proposed in this paper for the POCT of tumor marker proteins In order to control the biochemical reaction time accurately and obtain a higher testing sensitivity the parameters of the microhole array are optimized basing on the investigation of the effects of the variation of those parameters on the fluid rate and the

Optimization of performance and exhaust emission

Oct 01 2015Optimization of independent variables was performed using the desirability approach of the RSM (response surface methodology) with the goal of minimizing emissions and maximizing of performance parameters The experiments were designed using a statistical tool known as DoE (design of experiments) based on RSM


Jul 01 2018Therefore an optimization method was used to optimize the performance of the CDI cell based on operating parameters The optimization solver used for this work was a GA in MATLAB software The operating parameters used for this optimization as decision variables were spacer volume electrode capacitance applied voltage of the CV process

Neural Networks: parameters hyperparameters and

Jul 05 2019Indeed what I want to focus on is how to approach some characteristic elements of NNs whose initialization optimization and tuning can make your algorithm much more powerful Before starting let's see which elements I'm talking about: Parameters: these are the coefficients of the model and they are chosen by the model itself It

Maximizing SOFC performance through optimal parameters

Aug 01 2019Mathematical modeling is considered as an effective way to overcome this problem through applying different modeling strategies to describe the cell performance and hence parameter optimization can be carried out However such models require several physical chemical and electrochemical parameters that are usually based on assumptions with

Sensitivity Analysis and Identification of Parameters to

By comparison with other optimization algorithms the results show that the difference search algorithm has the following characteristics: good optimization performance the simple principle easy implement short program code and less control parameters required to run the algorithm

Application of Multi

Joint optimization of air intake and fuel supply parameters is then performed on the GT-MATLAB co-simulation platform Results show that engine torque at full load is significantly increased At the full load point of 2100 r/min engine power is increased from 256 5 to 319 6 kW and brake specific fuel consumption (BSFC) is reduced from 243 1

Parameters for performance tuning and optimization

Use these parameters with the mmchconfig command for performance tuning and optimization Tuning guide for frequently changed parameters autoload When autoload is set to yes GPFS starts automatically on the nodes that are rebooted The rebooted nodes rejoin the cluster The file system automount option is set to yes and the file system is mounted The default value of this parameter is no


This means that with each iteration model performance tends to improve compared to the previous iterations Parameter Selection Assessment One of the coolest parts of Bayesian optimization is seeing how parameter selection is optimized For each model and for each model's parameters we can generate a two-panel visual

Strategy Optimization

Optimization is testing different values and combinations of input parameters to obtain the best result To enable the optimization of a parameter mark the appropriate checkbox Next set the start and end of the range of values as well as the step for testing You can select one or more parameters

SQL Server Integration Services SSIS Performance Tuning

Aug 31 2017SSIS Data Flow Performance Optimizations Most performance issues are related to the data flow As with the control flow think if SSIS or transformations in SQL will be faster Try to visualize the data flow as a pipeline with data flowing through You want to maximize the flow rate to get data to the destination as quickly as possible

Application of Multi

The optimization of engine adjustable parameters should meet many constraint conditions such as exhaust temperature and maximum pressure Model-based optimization methods have been widely used in many studies and have gradually been applied to engine optimization of design and control parameters in recent years [12 13 14] The key point is to

Optimization of sand casting performance parameters and

Optimization of performance parameters based on grey relational analysis Sand casting performance parameters have a significant impact on casting quality such that selection of the appropriate performance parameters was needed The original data matrix was non-dimensionalized according to formula (2 1) and the ideal project can be achieved